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Adhesives & Solutions

Adhesives & Solutions

Improve lash retention by 30% when paring our lash adhesives, primer and lash bonder. They enhance speed, reduce lash stickies and eye irritation. All our products are cruelty free and hand tested for quality control.

Master Bond - SheLuvsLashes

EyeLash Glue - Master Bond Lash Adhesive

$85.00 $65.00
Max Out - SheLuvsLashes

EyeLash Glue - Max Out Lash Adhesive

$85.00 $65.00
Bundle Deal: Retention Duo - SheLuvsLashes

Bundle Deal: Lash Retention Duo

$80.00 $74.00
Retention Bonder - SheLuvsLashes

Lash Retention Super Bonder

$40.00 $30.00
Lash Primer - SheLuvsLashes

Lash Primer

Gel Glue Remover - SheLuvsLashes

Lash Glue Remover

Tweezer Cleanser Solution - SheLuvsLashes

Lash Tweezer Cleanser Solution

Bundle Deal: Rapid Removal - SheLuvsLashes

Bundle Deal: Rapid Lash Removal

$29.00 $25.00

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