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EyeLash Glue - Max Out Lash Adhesive

Max Out - SheLuvsLashes
Max Out - SheLuvsLashes

Lashing in crazy humidity or temperatures? Max Out is specifically designed for uncontrollable lash environments. This amazing eyelash glue/adhesive is curated to withstand low & high humidity levels and excels in variety of room temperatures. Each glue droplet lasts 2x longer.

Ideal for all lash artists. 6-8 week retention with proper care, 2 sec drying time for smooth application, low fumes for less irritation, no strong odor and mild viscosity for flexible polished results.

Max Out performs beautifully in 40-75% humidity and 68-80 degrees, providing more flexibility.

  • 10ml 
  • Latex FREE
  • Drying time: 2 seconds
  • Shelf life: 1.5-2 months after opening and stored in dry cool place. 
  • Shelf life: 4-6 months unopened stored in fridge or cool place. 
  • Carbon black pigment
Max Out - SheLuvsLashes
Max Out - SheLuvsLashes