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Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Lash Clientele

Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Lash Clientele

I focussed on 3 key business fundamentals and after 3 months was able to say adios to my corporate job and became a FULL TIME entrepreneur!

Are you struggling to grow your lash business?

If you answered yes, you're not alone. Lash training shouldn't just cover learning how to apply lash extensions, students want the inside scoop on how to stand out from competitors and actually make money! Maybe you're a new lash artist confused on how to get the ball rolling or perhaps experienced but have hit a plateau and are seeking to expand. If so, I have the top 3 focal points that will transform your business! These core attributes will help you identify your ideal client, evaluate and accentuate your service menu and enhance your client experience.

This self proclaimed formula has warranted a completely new lifestyle for myself and my family. I now employ my 20 year old daughter! I went from lashing clients out of my home, to moving into a cozy lash suite to relocating to a full brick and mortar beauty bar and retail in 2 years!   

Got 4 minutes?

That's all you need! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, SheLuvsLashes...The Sweet Spot. xoxo 



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How I Gave Myself a $20k Raise



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