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The Process of Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt - The Sweet Spot Workshop

The Process of Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt - The Sweet Spot Workshop

Discover how sharing your fears with others is a good first step…

Dust settles but I do not! What I appreciate appreciates. These were the first two sentences that 15 women read together on the lesson plan for The Sweet Spot’s (TSS) last women’s entrepreneur workshop. Fear is an innate human emotion that follows us like a shadow. Thus, why the purpose and urgency to acknowledge, understand and develop a response is win or lose. Our personal beliefs mold our mindset to validate our perception. What is your perception of where you are, where you want to be and what’s holding you back from getting there? Truth is… fear is commonly based on something that has yet to even occur. Wild when you think about it from that perception, right!

In a cozy intimate setting, women of all ages young to mature, mothers and those without children, single and married all completed an exercise to explore Fact vs Feeling and Capital and Lower Case Truths.

Fact vs Feeling

The workshop lesson educated women on how to understand and identify their facts and feelings. i.e. A fact one may encounter, “I absolutely love styling, cutting and coloring hair. I should go to school to obtain my cosmetology license and open up a hair salon.” A feeling (aka thoughts) that begin to arise from that fact…"I know nothing about running a business, where would I even get the money from? My mom says it better to get a corporate job and have a stable salary and benefits. How would I even make time for school?” Attendee’s learned how to differentiate these facts and feelings paired with tools to eliminate the feeling that can overshadow your fact.

Capital and Lower Case Truths

The fact listed above is what is considered a capital truth. It is a fact that someone who has a talent, passion and the will power to obtain a cosmetology license and open a hair salon. Not hard to fathom considering the countless brands and beauty salons like Aveda and Sassoon that exist. I mean one can walk the streets in any major city or your home town and see how countless entrepreneurs who started with a thought and launched a successful business.

Yet what follows these facts is what we see far too often…feelings known as our lower case truths. We start to irrationally overthink our ideas into mere unattainable thoughts. We create excuses and use projected fears placed on us from past experiences, family and friends. Chris Bible, the host of The Sweet Spot explained how excuses, procrastination, various emotions and past traumas are directly associated with fear.

Chris had the audience write down two goals, not just any goals, the ones that ate at them daily; the ones they want the most but have been putting off with a vengeance. From there each entrepreneur had to write down their intentions for attending the workshop. Setting intensions create purpose and every successful woman moves with purpose.

Once we understand the triggers of our fears we can eliminate that emotion to regulate the remaining feelings, verbal and nonverbal cues that cultivate a positive decision making process. Have you ever attended a hands on workshop that encouraged and celebrated personal and professional development? That is the core value of The Sweet Spot. The purpose of TSS is to create an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to network, build resources and grow their business through their community. We not only offer relevant and valuable lessons but an opportunity for women to actually engage with one another, support each other and connect in an authentic way that stimulates both personal and business development.

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